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Honeycomb home, for your beautiful plant babes.

These planters are finished in a clear crackle elegant glaze, accentuating the details with a gold luster. Each piece has undergone 3 firings to get to the finished piece.

Honeycomb planters take approximately 3 weeks from start to finish, from creating the form, carving out the details, letting it dry slowly to avoid cracking on the surfaces of the planters.

They are then hand-painted in a clear glaze and put back into the kiln to climb to a temperature of 1080 degrees so the glaze can melt to a glossy crackle effect, I then hand-painted gold luster to accentuate the details of the surface design and they go in for a final firing of 800degrees.

Please allow for small discrepancies in size, weight, and surface variants as every piece is made by hand and no two pieces are identical.

95mm x 95mm in width

100mm in height

Perfect for any bee and plant lovers.