Moon phase
Moon phase

Moon phase

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The phases of the moon symbolise immortality and eternity. In astrology, the moon is a symbol of the soul and this resonates with me as my love for the luna who brings light to our dark winter nights here in Ireland, we are affected by her pull, receding and renewing as often as the tides.

This piece holds two different moon phases meeting each other, the first quarter, and the waning crescent. The first quarter signifies decision making, this is when exactly half the moon is illuminated and signifies action is ready to be taken.

The waning crescent refers to the shrinking of the illumination of the moon 'crescent' meaning less than half, represents the surrender.

I have placed these two moons meeting to reflect the moments in which we need to make the decision to surrender, some things are out of our control and that is okay.

It is important to choose to surrender.

95mm x 95mm width

100mm hight